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With a history of serving Elkhart County and the broader Indiana region for over 40 years, the Center for Community Justice (CCJ) continues to support communities harmed by the effects of crime, disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline and providing support to the families of the formerly incarcerated. 


After the difficult years of the pandemic, CCJ is very excited to celebrate the resilience of our community by inviting you to join us at the sweetest ticket in town this Valentine's Day.


World-renown and Lansing native saxophonist Tim Cunningham and his entourage will perform at a one-night-only event at the 112 Club in downtown Elkhart. 


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Over the past 40 years, CCJ has worked tirelessly to promote healing through its conflict resolution, mediation, and facilitation services to thousands of Elkhart citizens by providing pathways to healing for those in need. Demonstrate your commitment to the work of CCJ and our local community. In doing so, you increase your visibility before a robust Indiana audience. 


Sponsors are essential to our work, whether VORP, VIP, PACT, juvenile diversion, conflict resolution, or violence reduction programs in education. Your organization's visibility will be enhanced through your presence on our website, social media posts, and invitations, corresponding to your level of support. We thank you for your generous support and partnership. As a sponsor, you will receive the following benefits; 


Please consider your tax-deductible sponsorship as an investment in our community's future.

Together we can bring restorative healing, reconciliation, and understanding to issues that affect all of us.


Your donation will help us to:


  • Move from our current location to a larger and more welcoming building located in downtown Elkhart. 

  • Campaign for the widespread use of restorative justice in the criminal justice system, in schools, the workplace, and elsewhere in the community in situations where conflict may arise.

  • Fund activities that raise the profile of restorative justice in the media and with the public.

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