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Re-entering society and finding employment can be a huge challenge for those who have been previously incarcerated. We provide hands-on coaching and support to assist citizens who are returning to society as they cross the bridge and re-adjust to their communities.


We share educational resources on Restorative Justice throughout businesses, schools and the entire Elkhart Community to promote reconciliation and break the school-to-prison pipeline.


After offenders cause harm, we seek to reconcile them with their victims and the entire community to help them find ways to make things right. This approach keeps every party engaged and gives victims a voice.


Do you ever wish you could connect with neighbors or colleagues who seem to be on another planet, but who live in your backyard? We long for a vital, welcoming, safe community. Yet, our world is divided and polarized. Suspicion and fear drive us apart, sometimes creating conflict that may erupt into violence.

Conflict Coaching

The Center for Community Justice has begun using conflict coaching to work with clients to empower them to success when facing challenges at work and or in interpersonal relationships. Conflict coaching is a one- on -one process of coaching someone who is in conflict. It aims to empower people to be their own agents of change through a series of sessions that culminate in skill-building sessions.

Coaching sessions cover:

  • Looking at the way that Identity, Emotions, and Power have    influenced the conflict

  • Perspective-taking

  • Setting goals

  • Developing skills and action steps to empower success

Clients of CCJ’S Coaching to Success model have praised the way the process empowered them to resolve conflict.

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Conflict Coaching Orientation

The Center For Community Justice has also been partnering with the Elkhart Community Schools to implement conflict coaching as an HR practice. CCJ has held two 3-day orientations on Conflict Coaching with Elkhart Community Schools staff. Participants have lauded the impact the orientation to Conflict Coaching has had.

Elkhart Community Schools Leadership Team Circles

The Center for Community Justice has been working directly with the Elkhart Community Schools' administration by conducting community-building circles with the leadership team and principals. The circles aim to build a restorative culture among district-level leaders and have won praise from Elkhart Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Steve Thalheimer. Superintendent Thalheimer wrote; “I really felt the work yesterday was a breakthrough moment for the team, and I had someone from the circle email me about how they felt supported and part of a cohesive team for the first time. Great topic for us to explore”. Superintendent Thalheimer further emphasized that the administration views CCJ as an integral partner in District level initiatives focused on implementing Restorative Justice Education(RJE). “I have had principals and staff suggest restorative practices as a way to approach situations more and more as they come to learn what CCJ does", Superintendent Thalheimer explained.


Center for Community Justice believes that when there is harm or conflict, the people who are most involved and affected should be at the center of any conversation to address wrongdoing. Mediations, circle processes, and other facilitated meetings all empower parties to engage in finding the best way to move forward. 

CCJ mediation staff and volunteers are trained in Restorative Justice, mediation and circle processes, conflict coaching, communication skills, community mediations, family mediations, and issues of power, balance, and equity. Contact us with your concern and we will work with you to design a process to meet your needs.






Reach Out to Us

For requesting a service, help and general inquiries, contact our headquarters today:

121 South Third Street,

Elkhart, IN-46516

(574) 295-6149


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