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Promise Academy for Conflict 




PArt Workshop Series




CCJ’s staff of conflict resolution and restorative justice experts teach program participants conflict resolution skills to help them stay out of trouble in the future. With a focus on constructive communication, perspective-taking, and non-violent communication, PACT challenges youth to take nonviolent approaches to conflict. The social-emotional development that youth experience from the PACT workshop series helps them at school, at home, and in the community. Giving youth a second chance to make things right when they have caused harm recognizes the promise that youth have. Empowering them to live up to that promise is a PACT worth making.



In efforts to provide additional support to PACT participants, CCJ also meets with parents before and after PACT in what CCJ calls Family ImPACT Nights. During one of these sessions, a parent explained that their child has had a traumatic year and that her hope for her child after going through PACT is “that her heart starts to heal because her heart was broken”. The Center for Community Justice is happy that PACT has provided another pathway to healing for those who need it.

What do our youth say about PACT?

"Pact helped me learn new ways to deal with anger and conflict”

“We learned how to deal with conflict better and what we can do to solve problems. Now I will talk to people more to understand why they are doing what they are doing.”

“I learned that talking about feelings and emotions due to conflict is better than fighting. Now I will talk things through instead of fighting.”

“PACT helped me learn new ways to deal with anger and conflict. I learned how to cope and do better with drama. I think it will help me stay out of drama”

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