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Transitional Recovery Coaching

Re-entering society and finding employment can be a huge challenge for those who have been previously incarcerated. We provide hands-on coaching and support to assist citizens who are returning to society as they cross the bridge and re-adjust to their communities.


Content for Catalyst in Community

Do you ever wish you could connect with neighbors or colleagues who seem to be on another planet, but who live in your backyard? We long for a vital, welcoming, safe community. Yet, our world is divided and polarized. Suspicion and fear drive us apart, sometimes creating conflict that may erupt into violence.

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Promise Academy for Conflict Transformation

We share educational resources on Restorative Justice throughout businesses, schools and the entire Elkhart Community to promote reconciliation and break the school-to-prison pipeline.

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Victim Offender Reconciliation Program

After offenders cause harm, we seek to reconcile them with their victims and the entire community to help them find ways to make things right. This approach keeps every party engaged and gives victims a voice.


The power of forgiveness...

A young man was robbed and stabbed with a knife on his way home. After he healed from his injury, the victim wanted his money back and felt frustrated that the offender was never held accountable. After speaking separately with both the victim and the offender, they both agreed to meet.

During this conversation, the offender apologized and expressed remorse for the physical and mental pain he inflicted. He explained that he hadn’t intended for things to get violent—he had been scared and caught up in the moment. After hearing this, the victim’s attitude shifted. He forgave the offender and shared some of the poor choices he’d made in his own life. The offender expressed a desire to pay back the stolen money—even though it would take him a while to save up. Both the victim and the offender left the meeting feeling heard and understood.


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Become a champion

A champion is someone who is a current, committed, individual who is connected to the cause (of CCJ), able to make the case for supporting CCJ and an integral member of the Elkhart Community.

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