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Vauhxx Booker Case to be Resolved Through Restorative Justice.

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Contact: Irwin Larrier; (574) 295-6149;

Restorative Justice in Elkhart Indiana

Center for Community Justice (CCJ), has been featured on a WISH TV Channel 8 news program in Indianapolis because of the work that CCJ did to bring resolution to a prominent criminal case in Indianapolis: Vauhxx Booker Case to be Resolved Through Restorative Justice. Below is the statement that was provided by CCJ to WISH TV.

Elkhart, Indiana – March 31, 2022 - The Center for Community Justice helps create safer communities by providing pathways to healing for those in need. For over 40 years we have supported community members through processes of Restorative Justice, which is a framework through which those who have a stake in a situation are invited to name and address harm that has been caused and work to put things right. Staff and volunteers at CCJ facilitate restorative processes that bring victims and offenders together to talk about the impact of the crime and create a plan for addressing the harm. CCJ provides re-entry services for persons returning to the community after incarceration through transitional and recovery coaching. We also provide conflict resolution services through processes such as mediation and conflict coaching, where we work with neighbors, families, schools, and businesses and their employees, to help people repair broken relationships and find a path forward. Restorative Justice is not a type of program but rather a lens through which we empower individuals to actively engage in repairing harm from crime or conflict in their own lives. This work helps people get answers to lingering questions, find closure, offer and receive acknowledgement and apology, repair broken relationships, and overcome obstacles preventing them from living their lives to the fullest. Participants in restorative processes report high levels of satisfaction due to the power they are given to name their own needs and goals for restoration. Our work helps break cycles of crime, cycles of violence, and cycles of conflict so that our communities can thrive. This process provides an opportunity for a person who has harmed another to take responsibility for the mistake and actively engage in righting the wrong. The Center for Community Justice was formally organized in 1984 in response to the levels of crime and violence in Elkhart County.

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Elkhart, IN 46516 Phone: 574-295-6149.

Center for Community Justice

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