The power of forgiveness...

A young man was robbed and stabbed with a knife on his way home. After he healed from his injury, the victim wanted his money back and felt frustrated that the offender was never held accountable. After speaking separately with both the victim and the offender, they both agreed to meet.

During this conversation, the offender apologized and expressed remorse for the physical and mental pain he inflicted. He explained that he hadn’t intended for things to get violent—he had been scared and caught up in the moment. After hearing this, the victim’s attitude shifted. He forgave the offender and shared some of the poor choices he’d made in his own life. The offender expressed a desire to pay back the stolen money—even though it would take him a while to save up. Both the victim and the offender left the meeting feeling heard and understood.

Commited to Elkhart County

We have been serving Elkhart County for over 40 years and we strive to spread awareness on restorative justice by practicing its principles and educating the community


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